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Epic Games stops Legacy controls setting

Is the conflict between controllers and keyboard/mouse players coming to an end? Epic Games has finally reacted by promising a nerf on Legacy controls setting that will take effect on March 13.


DBFZ World Tour Finals: From Tachikawa's tears to GO1's celebrations

The final stop in the Dragon Ball FighterZ World Tour was the centrepiece for a weekend of compelling narratives, providing a worthy conclusion to the circuit. Paris played host to tears, giant-killings, and legendary rivalries, which capped a rewarding second season for Dragon Ball FighterZ.


Reinhardt, Moira, Widowmaker and McCree will be the first banned heroes!

Next week, the Hero Pool will be officially used in the Overwatch League. One Tank, two DPS and one Support were selected by drawing from among the most played heroes. Moira, McCree, Widowmaker and Reinhardt will be the first heroes to be banned!


Meet Hyunseon “Hajinsun” Park — by Laure "Bulii" Valée

The League of Legends competitive season is already well underway, and many new features have appeared since the start of the season. However, in Korea, a well-known figure in French esports has returned home in search of a new adventure.


LEC Week 5 Power Rankings: It's tight at the top

We are halfway through Spring Split 2020, and the battle for Playoffs is heating up! Trends are emerging on all sides, but the table is still very close — as are matters in our Power Rankings for Week 5.


What does AMA bring to esports?

Forget all about the fraudulent figures that have been pushed upon us for far too long — esports doesn’t draw in more views than the NBA or the Super Bowl. Instead, say hello to Average Minute Audience, a small mathematical calculation which might just change the way that we see esports for good.


LEC Week 4 Power Rankings: Origen and Misfits flawless

One thing is for sure, Week 4 was probably the most surprising in the LEC since the season began. Let's take a look at the League of Legends teams that have done well in our weekly Power Rankings, as we head into Week 5.


MrSavage leaves NRG Europe to join 100 Thieves

The former NRG Esports Europe player, Martin "MrSavage" Foss Andersen, has just signed with 100 Thieves. The young Norwegian is one of the best Fortnite players in the world.

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