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Red Bull partners with G2 Esports

It's a big day for the G2 Army, with Red Bull officially joining G2 Esports as a brand new partner!


Final standings in Thursday's Fortnite Solo Cash Cup

Open to the highest-ranked players, Thursday's Cash Cup brought together the best solo-mode players in the world. Here are the rankings and final results.


Support your team at these official Overwatch League Viewing Parties

Eight teams are getting ready to compete in the Overwatch League Season 2 Regular Season Playoffs. If you're local and want to support your favorite team with like-minded fans, we've compiled a list of official viewing parties for you to attend!


The Overwatch League 2020 schedule is out!

The Overwatch League is taking a turn next season, with an all-new format and schedule. Season 3 will be the season of homecomings, with matches played in the home arenas of all the different teams.


Hearthstone — Felkeine wins the Master Tour Seoul!

The second leg of the Masters Tour took place in Seoul from August 16 to 18. Facing his compatriot Martin 'Zhym' Prête in finals, the French player Theo 'Felkein' Dumont eventually prevailed and snatched the final victory of the tournament!

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