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Valorant: G2 ardiis' AMA on Reddit

Valorant: G2 ardiis' AMA on Reddit

G2 ardiis is the first player in the organization to do an Ask Me Anything on Reddit. The questions followed one another and we come back to the most interesting ones with subjects such as competitions, ambition and the future.

Valorant: G2 ardiis' AMA on Reddit

Ardis "ardiis" Svarenieks made a lot of noise when he moved to Valorant because of the suspicions of cheating that were hanging over him. Innocent since then, he has won lots of tournaments with G2 Esports who will once again be the big favorite during the Cup.

AHe took part in an AMA session on Reddit and we have selected the best questions/answers for you.

Why did you choose to join g2 instead of other team?

G2 is just G2. Biggest org in the world and one of the most successful. Carlos wants to make great teams and I want to be apart of great teams so its a good combination to have.

Hey G2ardiis! Does G2 have a coach? And who are they so I can follow them! Thanks a ton!

Currently we dont have a coach but we have a unreal manager named Maik, go give him a follow

What do you think of every g2 member on your team?

Patitek - One of the most insane individually and great person to be around.

Mixwell - Expierenced and insane in game - thought me a lot already and hope to learn of him more for brand/ingame wise.

Pyth- Rock of our team who does alot of the shit roles for us and joyful character.

How you feel about patitek? Do you like him?

Patryk is honestly insane hes hands down in the top 3 in EU, guy truely has insane skill. Also brings GOOOOD vibes to the team which is gucci.


Do you think Valorant will grow an esports scene that will compete with games like Dota or CS or LoL? And how long do you think it will take to get to that point?

I think in the future sure but for the next 5 years I think it will always be behind them. Theyve had years upon years to develop as a esport VALORANT has had 4 months.

What are the main differences between CS:GO and Valorant for you? What do you think valorant does better, and what worse, compared to the Valve game?

Biggest difference I see striaght away is that RIOT speaks to the players and gathers any input they may have. Youre lucky to even get a conversation with someone from Valve.

Hi! How long do you think it will take before 14-16 year olds will start making it to the pro scene and achieving success?

Honestly I can see it happen now the skill gap in this game isnt as big as CSGO so could be anytime soon.

Top 3 players NA and EU?

NA - Wardell Tenz drone/sinatraa not sure but both look insane.

EU- Mixwell Patitek DavidP.... #G2army

Which NA team would you be most excited to face?

TSM hands down think they have a solid team but Sentinels also might be a fun one to play on LAN. Be fun to see how big the skill gap is between EU and NA.


If not a pro player what would have been your dream job ?

Good question... Honestly I'd dont know maybe something along the lines of coaching, maybe a football coach/manager.

How did being accused of cheating affect you?

Fans tend to care a lot about accusations of their favorite play cheating. As moderators of r/VALORANTCompetitive though, we want make sure our platform doesn't indirectly cause users to harass those accused. It's a bit tricky finding that healthy balance and your experience can help provide insight.

If you were pro in any other game what would it be ?

CSGO 100%. VALORANT and CSGO are the only esports that really intrest me.

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Valorant inspires new esport organizations. Rix.GG, freshly created, has decided to enter the competition with the aim of showcasing British talent.


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