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Rogue Company: Update & Patch Notes 0.45

Rogue Company: Update & Patch Notes 0.45

Rogue Company Lead Designer announced on Twitter the deployment of Patch 0.45 for some bug fixes, rogues updates, and the arrival of a brand new map.

Rogue Company: Update & Patch Notes 0.45

Rogue Company will deployed Update 0.45 this weekend. Scott Lussier, the lead designer of the game, shared the various changes and novelties brought by the update while waiting for the official patch notes.

Shooting Range

Even elite Rogue's need practice and what better place to do this than a shooting range? Try various weapons, abilities and rogues to prepare yourself for your next mission.



  • Bleedout Rate increased from 9 seconds to 12 seconds.
  • Slighty reduced the radius at which enemies influence spawns.
  • Slightly increased the radius at which friendlies influence spawns.
  • The Undo Purchase button will be going live.

Deserter/AFK Penalty System

In order to provide a more fair experience for players, Update 0.45 will implement a new system to discourage leaving matches early and going AFK. Please note specific penalties could change prior to Beta based on data and feedback.

To be eligible for a deserter penalty a player must fall within on of the following categories:

  • Left Match Early — A player who leaves a full party (not through disconnection).
  • AFK — A player who has met our inactivity criteria (hasn't taken a valid action) for approximately 2 minutes.
  • Disconnected — A player who has disconnected for at least 5 minutes before the match ends.

Upon meeting one of these criteria a player will be unable to queue for a match for a period of time base don number of offenses. Players will see a timer denoting how long until they are able to queue again.

  • 1st offense = 10 minutes
  • 2nd offense = 30 minutes
  • 3rd offense = 4 hours
  • 4th offense = 24 hours



  • This map contains new visual features and is available in Practice Extraction and Demolition.


  • Adjusted spawn locations.

High Castle

  • Re-propped the top of the stairs.


  • Removed the shelving units from the garage.



  • Fixed an issue where Anvil's barricade would recharge in Demolition.


  • Now has Cloaked instead of Evade.


  • Reduce ability duration from 15s to 10s.


  • Increased the maximum health gain per tick from Leeching Poison from 1 to 2.



  • Radius increased from 7m to 8m.

Smoke Grenade

  • Increased the speed at which smoke appears.
  • Increased radius from 4 to 4.5m.


  • The level 3 upgrade on Anvil's LMG which tightens your spread now has lightly reduced effectiveness.
  • The Striker 8X10's damage fall of range has been slightly increased.


  • Dima, Talon, and Ronin now have additional voice lines.

Bug Fixes

  • C4 that that a player attempts to detonate midair will now detonate once it has landed.
  • Dropped weapons should now display pick up text.
  • The "No valid gamemode" should no longer be displayed whne logging in.
  • Fixed a rooftop exploit in Favelas.
  • Players should no longer eceive a Party Size Limit error for gamemodes.
  • Player names should no longer appear as numbers.
  • Fixed an issue with the Versus screen which could result in a bad match.

We don't know yet the exact date during which this patch will be deployed. Be sure to stay tuned as it will occur this weekend for sure!

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Rogue Company is the new multiplayer third-person shooter from Hi-Rez Studios. Free-to-play when it will be officially released, for now you will have only two options to play its closed beta.


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