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Valorant: new Raze nerf in preparation

Valorant: new Raze nerf in preparation

According to several sources, a new Raze nerf is in preparation in Valorant. Yet already impacted by the latest patch, the agent is too versatile compared to the others.

Valorant: new Raze nerf in preparation

Raze is one of the most controversial agents in Valorant having already suffered two nerfs in a short period of time. That wouldn't be all since according to several sources a third one is in preparation for the next patch, scheduled for early August.

Once again, Morello, character design lead, has spoken on Twitter about this.

“Abilities doing damage are about generating threat or pressure - killing is what happens when you can't (getting checkmated by overwhelming odds) or won't (fail to make the right decision) deal with the ability. Other case, we use these to create angle or area control.

Raze Grenade makes you move from an area into bad positions. Boom Bot has a lot of choices (shoot/hide/run/hold). Since these moves can *often lead to unfavorable fights that lead to death* damage must be the punishment or you don't need to respect its footprint.

Two issues where I see this not being true: the current satchel in-combat use (don't worry boosting/zooming is fine) to kill in a gunfight, and some cases where you can't do anything about the rocket. We'll be fixing those as part of our commitment to tactical play."

No official announcement regarding the patch for the moment but it's very likely that this update will happen at the same time as Act 2, i.e. around August 4. Let's hope that this is Raze's last nerf and that it doesn't make her unplayable.

Killjoy and her turrets arrive on August 4 in Valorant

Killjoy officially joins Valorant as the twelfth agent. The German engineer and her turrets will be available at the launch of Ignition Act 2.


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