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Modern Warfare and Warzone: Mid-season update overview

Modern Warfare and Warzone: Mid-season update overview

Infinity Ward has confirmed that 200 players will be dropping into Verdansk in the new mode.

Modern Warfare and Warzone: Mid-season update overview

Season 4 of Warzone has revealed several secrets that could lead to some form of in-game event. As part of the mid-season update, Infinity Ward has confirmed that there will be a mode where a total of 200 players will be dropping into Verdansk.

At 11PM PST, the update will be available with the content roadmap that will be available following this patch.

200 players in Quads

Verdansk will now be able to accommodate up to 200 players in Warzone in Quads mode. Prepare to fight with almost 199 players around you.

Supply Run contracts

When you activate a Supply Run contract, you and your squad to a nearby buystation. Reach it within the time limit to get a discount at the station.

Juggernaut Royale

Find one of the care packages to get your hands on a juggernaut armed with a mini-gun! Once the juggernaut has been sent to the gulag, a new care package will drop on the map.

New Gear: Spotter Scope

This new scope enables players to survey the surrounding area with no glint coming from the scope. The re-usable scope also allows players to mark enemies without being detected.

Warzone Starter Pack

For just $4.99, players can get their hands on an Operator skin, weapon blueprint and more!

  • Shotgun blueprint - Amalgam
  • 500 CoD points
  • Epic Krueger Skin - Alchemist
  • Calling card and epic emblem
  • 1 hour of Double XP, Weapon XP and Battle Pass Tiers

A new weapon: Rytec AMR

The latest addition to the sniper rifle category is coming to both games. Unlock it by completing an in-game challenge. A blueprint for the new weapon can be acquired in the "Lost Souls" bundle found in the store. 

A new multiplayer map: Cheshire Park

Located in the city of London,Cheshire Park is a picturesque garden and veranda where operators will fight door to door or through the central area filled with flowers.

New game mode: Team Defender

Similar to Domination, Team Defender will see teams attempt to defend a single flag and keep it. A team gains 1 points for each second of control and it will be necessary to protect the point at all costs to score as many points as possible. In addition to controlling the flag to earn points, the attackers will want to stop the other team from scoring, which will result in both teams battling for control until the very end.

Modern Warfare Battle Pass Edition

The Digital Battle Pass Edition of comes with the following:

  • The full Modern Warfare game
  • 3000 PC - enough for the Season Four and above Battle Pass pack
  • Battle Pass system with over 20 free unlockable levels *
  • A combat knife with a personalized skin
  • XRK weapon pack

    More information will be revealed in the patch notes coming on June 30th.

When does the mid-season update go live?

Infinity Ward has revealed when the mid-season update for Modern Warfare and Warzone is going live across all platforms.


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