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LoL LEC Summer Split: Perkz takes a one week break, P1noy steps in

LoL LEC Summer Split: Perkz takes a one week break, P1noy steps in

After some mixed results alongside G2 Esports during the first weeks of the Summer Split, the Croatian player decided to take a short break. He'll be replaced by Kristoffer "P1noy" Albao Lund Pedersen.

LoL LEC Summer Split: Perkz takes a one week break, P1noy steps in

Photo courtesy of Riot Games.

Luka " Perkz " Perković won't play during this fourth week of the LEC. Lately, the botlaner of G2 Esports expressed difficulties with dealing with stress and decided to take some time off away from League of Legends.

To replace Perkz for the upcoming week, Mihael "Mikyx" Mehle will be able to rely on Kristoffer "P1noy"Albao Lund Pedersen.

A need to rest

Are G2 exhausted?

Although they were dominant during the Spring Split, some weaknesses tended to appear over the last weeks — especially during Playoffs. G2 then started the Summer Split with poor performances during the Super Week, before getting back on track over the past two weeks, where they won three out of their four matches.

The team has now a record of 4-3 — which is not bad, but that's not a result you would expect from the returning champions. Especially since they also were last year's Worlds finalists. G2 sprang a surprise, by being genuinely less performant than they used to be — and the reason might just be players' exhaustion.

A tactical choice

Let's face it: G2 Esports without their older and most famous player won't be as good as they're usually are during Week 4. Taking a week off when you're a resident LEC player right in the middle of the Summer Split might sound crazy, but it's actually a smart move.

Perkz apparently needed some time off, and Week 4 is certainly the perfect timing to do so as G2 are facing Excel and Misfits. The two teams only represent a minor challenge for the returning champions, who should prevail without that much difficulty. That being said, G2 will definitely look weaker this week.

In any case, this week off should help Perkz resting — and G2 Esport need him fresh and ready for Week 5, as the roster will then have to face MAD Lions and Origen...


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