Chapter 2, Season 3
Fortnite: Water Level Drop, Stage 1

Leaks suggest that water level will drop gradually, through distinct stages. Stage 1 should start on July 1, and will unveil several places which are currently submerged.

Fortnite: Water Level Drop, Stage 1

It's almost certain that water level will begin to drop in the next few days in Fortnite. The questions are: when will the water level drop? Will it cause a change in the area currently under water?

A large number of dataminers agree that the drop in water level will begin to be perceptible on Wednesday, July 1. Probably after an update, the tide will change to what can be called Stage 1.

Stage 1 seems to be a rather small drop, barely ten meters if we believe some dataminers. Craggy Cliffs should slowly emerge, and Steamy Stacks will be a little more accessible than before. It won't be the same for other places like the Shark. In Stage 1, the latter will probably not be accessible at all.

The question now is whether Epic Games has prepared some surprises with the rediscovery of the emerging places. For example, we know that Atlantis is in the game's files, but other totally new places could appear in the coming weeks. Take a good look below the surface!

Original content by Romain "Zorg" Becquelin.

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