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Valorant: shutdown of four days before the official release

Valorant: shutdown of four days before the official release

Remember the date of June 2 as it's the official launch day of Valorant, Riot Games' FPS. It will need to be taken out of its closed beta and the game will be unavailable for four days from May 28.

Valorant: shutdown of four days before the official release

Only a few days left to enjoy the closed beta of Valorant! The game, which will be officially released on June 2, will experience a four-day interruption and shutdown of its servers. That's what the development teams told us when they announced that the beta version of the game would end on May 28.

Why this shutdown? Mainly to be able to implement all the new features and reset the players' accounts. We also know that the drops on Twitch are now disabled. It's no longer possible for you to get access to the game, so you'll have to wait for its official release to enjoy it.

Anna Donlon also announced on Twitter that no patches will be deployed by June 2. As the official launch is too close, the bug fixes reported by the community will be implemented directly with the game's release update. This should notably solve the problems of hit registration.

Also be aware that your progress in the competitive mode will be reset. Your current rank won't be taken into account after the end of the beta phase, but you will keep everything you have earned via the player pass. The same doesn't apply to your purchases in the shop, which will not be retained.

To make up for this, your Valorant Points will be redistributed to you and you will also receive a 20% bonus. If you have bought 1,000 Valorant Points, you'll have 1,200 when the game is released. You can easily buy back the cosmetics you had or even more with the extras graciously donated by Riot Games.

If you want to start a very last game, you can until May 28, 9:00 am (PT). The servers will be taken offline at 10:30 am during this four-day interruption. Remember that Valorant is still not accessible in Vietnam, India, the Middle East and some other regions at the moment.

Spike Rush, the game mode available at the release of Valorant?

Valorant's next game mode, available as soon as it's officially released on June 2, may well be called "Spike Rush" and will test your speed.


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