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Valorant: auto-banning systems at the release of the game

Valorant: auto-banning systems at the release of the game

The developers of Valorant make it a point of honor to punish cheaters. Thus, the game will have auto-banning systems as soon as it's released on June 2.

Valorant: auto-banning systems at the release of the game

It was yesterday at the Summer Game Fest that FPS fans learned the good news: Valorant will be released earlier than expected on June 2. For the occasion, Anna Donlon and Joe Ziegler, respectively Executive Producer and Game Director of the game, participated in a Q&A to answer the question whether Riot Games' FPS was ready. During this session, they returned to their main focus: the anti-cheat technology.

We no longer present Vanguard, the software that was invented by a team dedicated to make cheating as difficult and detectable as possible. Even if it's impossible to avoid it 100%, it will still have banned more than 10,000 players since the launch of the closed beta. They intend to continue their efforts to maintain the integrity of the game.


The choice to work with their own technology allows them to react quickly and keep players informed of its development. Thus, Vanguard is in constant evolution and its second phase will take place when the game is officially released with the implementation of auto-banning systems.

As all the old bans were done manually, the goal was to allow this to be done via an algorithm which, of course, is worked on over time. This is why this system wasn't deployed during the closed beta but will be available at the official launch: "Come launch, we will be more aggressive, widespread, and automated in our ability to detect and ban cheaters."

Riot Games is definitely not messing around with cheaters and while Valorant will never be free of them, teams say they will continue to fight on this front to make the gaming experience for players as enjoyable as possible.

Riot Games: "The next Valorant game mode isn't Deathmatch"

Along with the announcement of the official release of Valorant on June 2, Riot Games announced new content for the game: an agent, a map and a game mode, as soon as it's released. The Deathmatch mode won't be available immediately, as the community hopes.


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