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LoL, Season 10: New game modes soon?

LoL, Season 10: New game modes soon?

In "Ask Riot", Riot Games talks about the future game modes of League of Legends, as well as Prestige edition skins and announcer packs.

LoL, Season 10: New game modes soon?

In a new Ask Riot, Modes Product Lead Hannah "HBBONG" Lee, Product Manager Adriaan "KenAdamsNSA" Noordzij, and Director of Production Bellissimoh answered all questions related to the temporary League of Legends game modes, as well as Prestige skins and announcer packs.

New game modes coming soon?

Events are nothing new in League, but it's been a while since players got a new game mode to play with, just like Odyssey. Although, the URF and One For All modes regularly returns, we haven't played an entirely new game mode since Odyssey: Extraction.

League of Legends

However, if these unique modes change the gameplay, they are not the most popular. To illustrate this point, HBBONG delivers a graphic that speaks for itself: the Summoner's Rift remains the favorite choice of players, regardless of whether a new game mode arrives. If they are interested in it at the start, they quickly return to PvP on the Rift.

And ultimately, we want to make sure that the amount of time we spend in development is worth the amount of time y’all get enjoying it.
HHBONG (Source)

Prestige Skins

KenAdamsNSA informs that all the prestige skins of 2020 available during the events will be available again at the end of the year. You missed the Dark Pulsar event and the prestige skin of Malphite catches your eye? No worries: it will be back in the store at the end of the year. However, you will not receive the border that you earn by participating in the event.

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News about announcer packs

Mentioned in January 2020, the announcer packs have not yet been revealed. For good reason, the current pandemic forced the developers to take exceptional measures — and the health of the various interveners, such as the dubbers, remains a priority.

This situation also impacts the production of legendary skins, but Riot ensures that a solution has been found for these.


Monday Night League shifted to Friday in the new LCS schedule

Starting with the Summer Split 2020, the LCS schedule will change again, with the Monday Night League being replaced by a new show, the Friday Night League.


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