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What is in the Fortnite Item Shop today? Ninja returns on May 22

Chapter 2, Season 2
What is in the Fortnite Item Shop today? Ninja returns on May 22

Back to Yellow and Blue as Ninja's skin is back in today's Fortnite Item Shop.

What is in the Fortnite Item Shop today? Ninja returns on May 22

The Fortnite Battle Royale Item Shop brings back the Icon Series today! Players can pick up the Ninja skin, Ninja Style emote, and Dual Katanas harvesting tool today to put you in the shoes of your favorite streamer!

Also on offer are Bonehead Epic-quality skin and Pj Pepperoni Rare-quality skin to compete on Apollo Island with very different styles.

Fortnite Battle Royale

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General Information

The Item Shop in Fortnite Battle Royale is refreshed daily, and offers new cosmetic items for use in the game.

These purchases are strictly decorative, and do not offer any advantage in game.

There are four types of items in the shop:

  • Skins that change the appearance of the character you control.
  • Gliders that change the appearance of the parachute you use to descend onto the island,
  • Harvesting equipment that changes the appearance of the pickaxe your character uses to destroy objects on the map and collect resources.
  • Emotes are animations that your character can perform on command.
  • Animations can consist of a simple wave, acrobatics or dances.
  • Each animation has its own sound effects, and almost all the dances are accompanied by a melody of their own.

The shop is divided into two parts: the Featured Items section, which contains items that are generally more rare, more expensive and typically remain available in the shop for forty-eight hours.

The second is Daily Items. and always contains two skins, two emotes, a glider and a pickaxe. Items in this category are less rare and less expensive, and only remain available in the shop for 24 hours.

Trailer for Christopher Nolan's Tenet revealed in Fortnite

After successive concerts, Fortnite's Party Royale offers us exclusive movie releases. Since last night, the trailer of Tenet, an upcoming film by Christopher Nolan, is shown every hour on the big virtual screen.


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