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Valorant: Immortals goes to Riot Games FPS

Valorant: Immortals goes to Riot Games FPS

While players learned at the Summer Game Fest that Valorant will be officially released on June 2, the American organisation, Immortals, has just announced that it will also goes to Riot Games FPS.

Valorant: Immortals goes to Riot Games FPS

What's a new day in the world of esports without a roster Valorant announcement? The day after the revelation of its official release date, the latest game from Riot Games is attracting more and more players and teams.

It's now Immortals that joins T1, Sentinels or Dignitas on the now long list of organisations betting on the game's competitive scene even before it is unveiled.

Having teams on League of Legends, Overwatch, Rainbow Six, or even CS:GO, it was only a matter of time before Immortals added a new string to their bow with Valorant . All the players announced have once stood out on Valve's FPS:

  • Joseph " Bjor " Bjorklund
  • Noah " jcStani " Smith
  • Yannick " KOLER " Blanchett
  • Amgalan " Genghsta " Nemekhbayar

The team's fifth and final player has yet to be revealed, his name deleted from the tweet and the video presentation. Like T1 with brax, could it be a big name in the world of esports deserving an announcement alone?

It's possible that the organisation wants a recognized leader to carry his team during the competitions which will take place in the coming months. As a reminder, the game will come out of its beta version on May 28 for an official launch on June 2.

Has Riot just teased the eleventh Agent?

While a first teaser for Valorant's eleventh agent had slipped into a Q&A done by the developers, it's now a Twitter banner and a video of Valorant Brazil that rekindle the debate about her identity.


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