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Valorant: New agent possible teased by Riot

Valorant: New agent possible teased by Riot

While a first teaser for Valorant's eleventh agent had slipped into a Q&A done by the developers, it's now a Twitter banner and a video of Valorant Brazil that rekindle the debate about her identity.

Valorant: New agent possible teased by Riot

Updated May 29, 2020

The Valorant Twitter accounts have changed their Twitter banners to announce the launch of the first season of the game possibly entitled "Ignition". So far, nothing surprising except a detail. Alongside Jett, Phoenix, Omen, Brimstone and Raze is a character still unknown to players.


This is most likely the eleventh agent who, as we guessed (see clues below), is a woman. However, judging by her looks and attire, she looks more like a mercenary than a healer. A video, posted on the Brazilian Twitter account of the game, offers us a first visual rather successful (from 1min42).

[Archives of May 22, 2020]

Valorant finally has an official release date, while its beta version was launched at the beginning of April. Only a few more days to wait since it is on June 2 that players from all over the world will be able to compete on the latest game stamped Riot Games.

This announcement, made during the Summer Game Fest, was not the only one since Anna Donlon and Joe Ziegler, respectively Executive Producer and Game Director of the game, also took part in a Q&A. Without confirming the rumor of the release of a Deathmatch mode at the game's launch, they mainly tried to reassure fans by answering the following question: "Is Valorant ready?"

It didn't take long for some to notice an "anomaly" on one of the images illustrating the post. As you know, the game has ten agents at your disposal at the moment. Who the hell does that shoe belong to?

First of all, the appearance of the said she suggests that the eleventh agent is a woman. It isn't the color pink but the shape of the boot and its heel that gives this impression. One of the female characters mentioned in the recent leaks had the sweet name of Sabine. Could it be her?

Even if an Omen voiceline implies that Sabine is the real name of Viper, if we believe the dataminers she could also be a vampire who escaped death. A former healer, she would therefore be a support, which would not be without delighting players who can only count on Sage to assume this role for the moment. We can easily imagine her draining the lives of her opponents and then healing her allies.

In the visual proposed below, she could very well match the second agent from the right: a dark looking woman with only a touch of color in the pink of her shoes, her hair and her vampiric power. Even if this remains only a hypothesis, we might still have a lead!

The official release of Valorant is scheduled for June 2

Initially dated in 2020 summer, the official release of Riot Games' FPS, Valorant, will finally take place a little earlier, on June 2. It was during the Summer Game Fest that Anna Donlon and Joe Ziegler announced the good news for many players who were just waiting for it.


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