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WoW Classic: April 21 patch (Enchantments, Zul'Gurub)

WoW Classic: April 21 patch (Enchantments, Zul'Gurub)

The April 21 patch of WoW Classic makes it impossible to use Gulubashi enchantments from Zul'Gurub on characters below 60 and / or not of the appropriate class.

WoW Classic: April 21 patch (Enchantments, Zul'Gurub)

Today, Blizzard deployed a patch aimed at improving the quality of life in WoW Classic by correcting bugs and other problems present in the game.



  • Zul'Gurub's Gurubashi enchantments no longer apply to characters who are not of the correct class or are below 60.

WoW Classic: BLaDE of KILL overcomes Hakkar with five High Priests alive!

With each new raid that is added to WoW Classic, players are increasingly pushing the limit of what is possible. This is especially true for BLaDE of KILL, who managed to kill Hakkar the Soulflayer without killing any High Priests! This is the first time in 15 years that this has happened!


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