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Epic starts publishing games and intends to shake up the system.

Epic starts publishing games and intends to shake up the system.

After heckling Steam with their own Game Store, this time Epic is tapping into its war chest to start publishing video games in its own way and is already announcing its partners.

Upcoming titles from Remedy, Playdead and Gen Design will all be released by Epic, thanks to a new multi-platform initiative that promises to do a lot of good for less fortunate studios. In this new market, the creator of Fortnite will simply take all development costs (salaries and company) on its own and leave 100% of the intellectual property and creative freedom to the studios, in exchange for 50% of the profits on the sale of the game.

These first partners are not insignificant since Remedy is behind Alan Wake and Control, Playdead released Limbo and Inside, as for Gen Design, it is Fumito Ueda's studio, the genius behind the trilogy Ico, Shoadow of the Colossus and The Last Guardian. No concrete announcement of a project has been made at this time, but Epic's initiative is helping to lead the video game industry towards a healthier path in terms of publisher-creator relationships.

Plague Inc Announces Peaceful Mode and Donates $ 250,000

The world of video games continues its wave of solidarity initiatives in order to make the everyday life of confined people more pleasant. Today, Ndemic Creations unveils a whole new "peaceful" mode for Plague Inc, its interplanetary blockbuster.


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