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Fortnite PS4 tournament, Celebration Cup

Fortnite PS4 tournament, Celebration Cup

The Celebration Cup — a Fortnite tournament only available on PS4 — takes place on Saturday, February 15, and Sunday, February 16. This event allows players to win in-game items and cash prizes.

Fortnite PS4 tournament, Celebration Cup

Get your controllers ready! On Saturday, February 15, and Sunday, February 16, Fortnite PS4 players will have the opportunity to compete in a unique tournament. The best competitors from the Sony console will compete to win a share $1 million prize pool. You'll also earn cosmetic items based on your investment.

  • Top 50% — "Take Cover" Spray
  • Top 25% — "Wild Accent" Pickaxe
  • Top 5% — ''Tango'' Outfit

The best players of the first day will be eligible to participate in the second phase the next day.

Fortnite Battle Royale

To be eligible for admission make sure your account is at least level 15, enable Multi-Factor Authentication, and finally play on PS4 — it goes without saying.


Team Liquid Mitr0 misses Fortnite Summer Smash due to visa problems

The new Team Liquid recruit is unable to honor his invitation to the Fortnite Summer Smash tournament.


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