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WoW Classic: January 28 Hotfix (Lunar Festival)

WoW Classic: January 28 Hotfix (Lunar Festival)

The January 28 hotfix for WoW Classic corrects a bug relating to the Elune's Blessing quest from the Lunar Festival.

WoW Classic: January 28 Hotfix (Lunar Festival)

On Tuesday, January 28 2020, Blizzard deployed a patch aimed at improving the quality of World of Warcraft: Classic, by correcting bugs and other issues within the game.

World Events

Lunar Festival

  • Player will now be able to receive credit for the Elune's Blessing quest in a more consistent manner

January 25 hotfix deals with Alterac Valley bug

A hotfix has dropped on January 25, and fixes a bug regarding honorless targets being lootable in Alterac Valley.


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