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LoL, TFT Tier List: Comps Cheat Sheet Patch 10.4

LoL, TFT Tier List: Comps Cheat Sheet Patch 10.4

Following the change of their trait effect, Glacials recently proved themselves to be much more powerful they used to be. The Poison Glacial composition is back, and it's taking the top of our tier list...

LoL, TFT Tier List: Comps Cheat Sheet Patch 10.4

Teamfight Tactics has now been available for a significant amount of time, and players are constantly trying to revolutionize the meta by crafting new compositions.

Rise of the Elements has basically changed everything we knew about the game. New champions, new origins, new classes, new items Teamfight Tactics underwent a COMPLETE overhaul!

With that in mind, our Tier List is designed to help you grind the ladder!

Patch 10.4 has just been released, so this Tier List is destined to evolve. Feel free to give us your feedback in the comments section!


Keep in mind that these line-ups are dream compositions that you may not be able to achieve with each game. Of course, there are many other variants and possibilities and you will sometimes find yourself winning with an incomplete or totally senseless composition.

This list is not exhaustive and we do not mention all possible variants of these compositions. We will add more as we go along. Remember, obtaining champions in Teamfight Tactics is often based on RNG, so don't hesitate to choose any champion who synergizes with your composition if you don't find the one we recommend.

Also, keep in mind that item drop rates currently dictate your final ranking more than not. You should always invest your items in your main champion first, meaning you will often end a game with no items at all on several units.

Patch 10.4 Top Compositions

Teamfight Tactics

Poison Glacial

Teamfight Tactics
  • Volibear: Zephyr, Locket of the Iron Solari, Warmog
  • Ezreal: Seraph's Embrace, Luden's Echo, Rabaddon
  • Singed: Morellonomicon, Guardian Angel, Dragon Claw

Glacials are back in the spotlight thanks to the buff brought by patch 10.4. The big advantage of this composition is that Glacial and Electric synergies are very easy to obtain in early game due to the low cost of some units: Ornn, Warwick (which you'll replace later), Volibear or Braum.

So you can leave quietly on a solid front line of Wardens (Braum, Ornn) and transit to the 4 Glacials / 3 Berserkers. Your composition will be completed in late-game by the Poison synergy which, although it was slightly nerfed during the last patch, combines very well with Glacials.

If the draw offers you a lot of Berserkers, don't hesitate to switch to the 6 Berserkers composition — still powerful on paper. Olaf will then become your carry.

Shadow Infernos

Teamfight Tactics
  • Kindred: Infinity Edge, Seraph's Embrace, Arcane Gauntlet
  • Master Yi: Guardian Angel, Hand of Justice, Rapidfire Cannon

Kindred will undoubtedly your main carry for this composition, meaning you need to get her as soon as possible. The 3 Shadow synergy will also be necessary to ensure that you can survive the early and the mid-game. Don't hesitate to rotate into a 6 Infernos composition if the draw favors it.

In the same logic, it will be really hard to reach the late game if you don't obtain the good items for Kindred.

If you can't find the 6 Shadow, notably because Master Yi might be pretty hard to draw, don't hesitate to switch for an Inferno/Shadow/Summoner composition by replacing Senna and Veigar by Annie and Zyra. You can also go for a stronger frontline by picking two Wardens, Nautilus and Thresh, which will also offer you the first rank of the Ocean synergy.

Poison Rangers

Teamfight Tactics
  • Ashe: Statikk Shiv, Statikk Shiv, Hand of Justice
  • Twitch: Infinity Edge, Infinity Edge, Last Whisper

In the early game, don't hesitate to pick Varus or Vayne to reach the fourth rank of the Ranger synergy. Protect your team with low-level Wardens (Nasus, Leona), which you'll raise to level two before reselling them later on.

In the middle of the game, focus on 4 Rangers and 2 Wardens. If you haven't yet managed to hit the fourth rank of the Ranger synergy, you can switch to an Inferno synergy with three characters (ex: Varus, Kindred, Zyra).

In the late game, you'll make your composition evolve as you go along according to the draws in your shop to go on the most expensive units.

Mystic Blademasters

Teamfight Tactics
  • Yasuo: Guardian Angel, Hand of Justice, Dragon Claw
  • Sivir: Hush, Red Buff, Swordbreaker
  • Kha'Zix: Blade of the Ruined King, Seraph's Embrace, Infinity Edge

To play this composition, you have to rush Yasuo and Sivir. In the best case, you want to build a temporary composition to lose as little HP as possible during the early game while digging to find your two Blademasters. Keep in mind that you also need Leona and Karma to benefit from the Lunar trait.

As soon as you hit Sivir, try to find another Desert unit — such as Renekton — until you find Kha'Zix. When you reach level 5-6, you'll need to look for Janna as she will bring the Cloud and the Mystic synergies to your composition.

Of course, the main champion of this composition is Master Yi since he will unlock the 4 Mystics and 4 Blademasters synergies. As a consequence, you need to handle your economy to quickly level-up.

Summoner Assassins

Teamfight Tactics
  • Azir: Guinsoo's Rageblade, Arcane Gauntlet, Infinity Edge
  • Yoric: Guardian Angel, Warmog, Dragon Claw
  • Zed: Talisman of Light, Guardian Angel, Redemption

The advantage of this composition is that you can start on almost any early game, so go with Woodlands if you hit them in the first rotations. LeBlanc will also be useful before transiting on Zed or Kha'Zix for the 3 Assassins' synergy. Renekton is also a good choice to have the 2 Desert synergy as soon as you hit Azir.

In mid-game, you should normally have your Azir and Qiyana on the board, two powerful units that will allow you to win quite a lot without spending your golds. You will then use your pretty powerful economy to level up and unlock Tier 4 units.

Don't hesitate to take advantage of the variable element of Qiyana to ensure another synergy in early/mid-game.

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