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WoW Classic: Priest T1 Armor Set Guide (Vestments of Prophecy)

Armor Tier Sets
WoW Classic: Priest T1 Armor Set Guide (Vestments of Prophecy)

The T1 armour sets consists of items dropped by bosses and trash mobs in Molten Core. Read on to find out how you can get your hands on the Priest's Vestments of Prophecy.

WoW Classic: Priest T1 Armor Set Guide (Vestments of Prophecy)

The T1 Set is the second max-level armour set you'll come across in WoW Classic. All pieces of this set can be found in Molten Core. The Priest's T1 set is called Vestments of Prophecy and is designed with the Discipline and Holy specialisations in mind.

What about T0.5?

The T0.5 set will only be available from Phase 5 onwards. Given it's being released so late into the game's life cycle, it's quickly outclassed by other sets, and that the T2 sets are already available, we'll consider the T1 set as the second 'real' armour set for WoW Classic, though this isn't really the case.


Vestments of Prophecy



Dropped By

Circlet of Prophecy



(Molten Core)

Mantle of Prophecy


Sulfuron Harbinger

(Molten Core)

Robes of Prophecy


Golemagg the Incinerator

(Molten Core)

Vambraces of Prophecy


Trash mobs

Majordomo Executus

(Molten Core)

Gloves of Prophecy



(Molten Core)

Girdle of Prophecy


Trash mobs

Majordomo Executus

(Molten Core)

Pants of Prophecy



(Molten Core)

Boots of Prophecy



(Molten Core)

Set bonus

  • 3 pieces: -0.1 sec to the casting time of your Flash Heal spell.
  • 5 pieces: Improves your chance to get a critical strike with Holy spells by 2%.
  • 8 pieces: Increases your chance of a critical hit with Prayer of Healing by 25%.
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