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Temtem: A Better Future side quest — Ariadne, Phaedra and Asterion

Temtem: tips, guide, walkthrough, creatures and more
Temtem: A Better Future side quest — Ariadne, Phaedra and Asterion

One of Temtem's side quest is actually made up of 4 side quests. Here's a complete guide to unlocking and completing them.

Temtem: A Better Future side quest — Ariadne, Phaedra and Asterion

Once you unlock the surfboard, you will be able to access many quests on Temtem. One of them is located not far from your starting town.

Where can I find the quest?

Go to Zadar, the starting city. Go to the beach on the right and surf east. You'll come across a small island with a house. Inside you can talk to Pasiphaë. Pasiphaë is worried about her children.


All you need to do is talk to him once to start the main quest, but you'll have to go and find out about his 3 children. Talk to each of them to start other secondary quests:

  • A better future: Asterion: He wishes to become captain of the Airship. You must talk to Adia Turray to see if he can't get on board.
  • A better future: Phaedra: This little girl wishes to become a Temtemologist. You'll have to help her get into Arbury University by talking to Professor Konstantinos.
  • A better future: Ariadne: She draws very well and would like to make a career out of it, but studies are expensive. To help her, you will suggest that she find a mentor or an artist who can give her advice. She then asks you to find Ara.

A Better Future: Asterion

Go back to Arissola to access the Airship Terminal. Talk to Adia Turay and offer to recruit Asterion. She will gladly accept.

Now you must go back to Asterion and break the news. Once notified, you'll have to go back to the Narwhal. On your journey to Nanda, simply exit your cabin and turn left. He'll offer you a Pewki with 3 SV at 50 if you refuse the money.

A Better Future: Ariadne

After taking the Narwhal, you will reach an island in the sky. Once Rawiri is defeated at the Mokupuni Dojo, you will get a key to access the Flywalk. It is on your way to Omnimisia that you will find Ara the Artist. She's right in front of the house in Visesia.


She will gladly accept to train young Ariadne. All you have to do now is return to Turquesa to announce the good news. Ariadne will offer you 1000 Pansols.

Next step? Go to Kisiwa to find Ara and Ariadne.

Kisiwa is not available in early access, so you can't finish this quest currently.

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