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WoW Classsic: Darkmoon Faire Guide

WoW Classsic: Darkmoon Faire Guide
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Step foot into the Faire and experience the twisted mind of Silas Darkmoon: an essential event which gathers the most insane eccentricities from all over Azeroth. This event appears once per month, with Darkmoon Faire alternating between Mulgore and Elywnn Forest.

WoW Classsic: Darkmoon Faire Guide

With the release of Phase 3 World of Warcraft: Classic, players will finally be able to experience the mythical Darkmoon Faire.

Coming Soon: Darkmoon Faire! - World of Warcraft: Classic
Coming Soon: Darkmoon Faire!


Denizens of the Darkmoon Faire will start preparations for the festival on the first Friday of the month and they will last for three days. The Faire itself will make its debut on Monday and last until the following Sunday.

Attention: WoW Retail players!

Don't expect to find the portal to Darkmoon Island, as this wasn't a feature in Classic. Instead, the Faire will stay on location in Mulgore or Elwynn Forest.

In addition, there aren't any Darkmoon mages in Capital Cities that can teleport you directly to the Faire.

Location of the Faire in Elywnn Forest - World of Warcraft: Classic
Location of the Faire in Elywnn Forest
Location of the Faire in Mulgore - World of Warcraft: Classic
Location of the Faire in Mulgore


Every month, the Darkmoon Faire alternates between its sites in Mulgore and Elywnn Forest. When the faire is located in enemy territory, it is in fact possible to take part in the festivities, provided that you are able to steer clear of the enemy guards that can surround the encampment.

When the Faire moves to Mulgore, Kubran Darkblade, the Barker, will announce its change of location in Orgrimmar, while his contemporary, Melnan Darkstone, will do the same in Ironforge once the Faire moves to its Elywnn Forest home.

Both Barkers offer the same quest: The Darkmoon Faire which rewards players with 5 Darkmoon Faire Prize Tickets and 50 reputation if they simply talk to Gevlas Grimegate, who can be found in the fairegrounds.

Optimal Grinding

If you're trying to max out your reputation with Darkmoon Faire it's a good idea to wait until the quests stop giving reputation rewards (see Quests: Darkmoon Faire Reputation & Rewards) before turning in The Darkmoon Faire to the relevant Barker. Players can get a separate version of this quest from each Faction's Barker, as Kruban Darkblade can give his version of the quest to an Alliance player, while Melnan Darkstone can do likewise for members of the Horde, provided that you can make it past the enemy's guards. Keep this in mind, as it's possible to do both quests and double your quest rewards

Elwynn or Mulgore?

The first Darkmoon Faire will take place in Mulgore on February 7th, with the Faire moving to Elywnn Forest during the uneven months — January, March, May, July, September, November — and staying in Mulgore during the evens — February, April, June, August, October, December.

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