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Hearthstone Descent of Dragons Deck Guide: Quest Druid

Hearthstone Descent of Dragons Deck Guide: Quest Druid

The Quest Druid has lost some of its glory but remains an interesting decklist of this meta of Galakrond's Awakening. This is the opportunity to find the decklist, its code, and some gameplay!

Hearthstone Descent of Dragons Deck Guide: Quest Druid

Descent of Dragons has finally arrived in Hearthstone and with it the new Invoke mechanic, the new Galakrond hero for E.V.I.L classes and side quests.

As expected, this new expansion transformed the meta and the recent release of Galakrond's Awakening also shook things upside down!

We invite you to come back to an interesting decklist, the Quest Druid. Here is the code, the list and the new cards required to play the deck, as well as some gameplay.

Quest Druid - Cenarius


Descent of Dragons: Ysera Unleashed

Galakrond's Awakening: Rising Winds

Quest Druid


Descent of Dragons: Ysera Unleashed

Galakrond's Awakening: Rising Winds, Steel Beetle


The mission here is simple: control the board with the power level of the quest. In the first few turns, try to respond to aggression (if it's an Aggro deck) and use your heroic power against a Control deck. In order to activate the quest, make sure you leave a floating mana at the end of each round. Normally your quest will be activated on turns 5-6 against a Control deck and 7-8 against an Aggro deck. And from then on, your goal is to simply empty your deck in order to play Ysera, unleashed in powerplay.

In the midgame, you'll have many powerplays such as Oasis Surger, Nourish + Anubisath Defender or Starfall + Anubisath Defender. Galakrond's Awakening has added the Double Spell: Rising Winds which will allow you to draw twice.

The second list overlooks the more expensive card, Cenarius, preferring a more aggressive decklist that can more easily take advantage of the inclusion of Zephrys the Great.

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The new Hearthstone extension, Descent of Dragons, is available since December 10. Here is our selection of decks made by professional players or streamers, to have fun once your boosters are open.


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