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Apollo Island turns into an archipelago for Chapter 2 Season 3

Fortnite Battle Royale always manages to renew itself to offer a dynamic gaming experience to its players. Chapter 2 Season 3 promises a particularly interesting gameplay according to the future map that leaked on the networks. Flooded, it will be divided into several islands.

A shipwreck on the fifth teaser

It's the fifth teaser that comes crashing down on the shores of our wildest theories. In this image revealed by Epic Games, we can see a ship that is stranded, or sinking.

No Sweat Insurance Company could be a clue...

Known for its posters all over the map, Fortnite's No Sweat Insurance Company doesn't seem to be bothered by the water problems currently affecting Apollo Island.

An astronaut appears in the fourth teaser

Since that night, the teasers have been chained at high speed on social networks. An astronaut is now clearly identifiable, with what appears to be a small moon under his arm.

Storm circle becomes a tidal wave

Today's big post-event surprise: Fortnite's usual purple storm has become a gigantic tsunami, ready to swallow everything in its path.

Watch or rewatch the Device event

Many players were unable to take advantage of the Device event due to server problems. Luckily, some streamers and dataminers recorded the whole scene.


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